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Stolen Moments 3 – Jerome Maupoint

Stolen Moments 3 – Jerome Maupoint

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I wanted Stolen moments #3 to be part of a reasoned edition. The book presents itself as a “premium” magazine of 172 pages. A draw of 250 numbered copies constitutes its original edition.

Stolen moments #3 collects the best of my work, flying or hiking, based on the constant theme of paragliding between 2012 and 2017.

In this book I am taking you to the landscapes and lights of Northern Scotland, Skye and Feroe Islands. I share escapades at high altitude with the flying over the Mont Blanc and an intense experience at 4500 metres high over the Pyrenees with the overflying of Aneto. Chasing images happens in short distances where the aesthetics of places and the intensity of the sharing predominate. I thus visited the Aravis, again and always, the sector of La Blanche in the South Alps, the East barrier of Chartreuse or the inescapable Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. Orlane, my life partner, also came with me to catch the sun and the beautiful skies of Brazil in Esperito Santo.
There are those days out in the Bauges’ gardens, where we live. Our taste for long hikes punctuated by flights and nice encounters are the roots of many stolen moments of the pages dedicated to Nepal around Naar and Phu as well as the deepest High Moroccan Atlas.

My sincere thanks to Orlane Sturbois, friends, pilotes, and their patience which was necessary and invaluable.


Lieferung Anfangs Dezember 2018

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