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GIN Stolen Moments 1

GIN Stolen Moments 1

CHF 35.00

This collection of more than 150 photographs by Jérôme Maupoint celebrates the art of paragliding in all its wonder, from the privilege of discovering our world’s wilder side – deep among lush mountains and high and dry over arid and endless plains – to the excitement of pulling into high-G aerobatics; from the wordless but knowing exchanges with strangers in far-away lands to the camaraderie of flying and travelling with similarly obsessive souls.

Stolen Moments is a book for the few who already know the joy of free flight, and for the many who are yet to experience it. „All Jerome’s images are shot with a remarkable sense of balance and wholeness: a novel and a radio sticking out of a pilot’s harness exactly encapsulate the art and science of our game, the pilot drifting, blurred, past Mongolian nomad totally define the magic of travelling to fly. Maupoint’s unerring sense of harmony makes these images – and there isn’t a dud in the whole collection – into a visual hymn to the unique privilege of free flight.“

Author: Jérôme Maupoint

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