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GIN Yeti Ultralight

GIN Yeti Ultralight

CHF 330.00

The lightest harness from GIN: only 650g

The new Yeti harness has been totally re-thought and redesigned to fit the requirements of pilots who want to fly without weight! Not only have modern materials and a narrower 12mm webbing been used to decrease the weight, but the new geometry of the harness with back reinforcements also offers an unrivalled comfort for all. Your wing will also feel much more precise to handle than with any other mountain harness due to the smart double webbing system of the leg straps.

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In addition, the Yeti harness is perfect for front mounted rescue systems, with connection points on the shoulder straps and a side tunnel to cover the rescue bridle.

> Split legs geometry

> Rescue attachment points on shoulder straps for easy setup in front position

> Side tunnel for the rescue bridles

> Attachment points to clip the optional Yeti airbag

> Manual buckles on chest and leg straps

> Rings for speed bar



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